Native apps using react + electron webpack

If you are a web developer and built various web applications as hobby projects and real projects ? Then this article will help you go further beyond reaching online users.

In this i will help you take your web application outside web browsers like chrome and mozilla

Since chrome apps were deprecated we can use electron.

You can follow these simple steps to start a new desktop app with react and electron webpack also can be helpful to convert existing react application to desktop app

Time-lapse videos are important to showcase your process of designing or developing digital content !

This helps you to engage with your supporters or colleagues or clients

Say a designer recording the logo design process or a developer writing code to make digital art!!

So i created this app for fellow designers and developers who wish to post their process on social media like youtube, Facebook, twitter, instagram.. etc.

Let me know your thoughts on this and let me improve the gap that was created by large apps with more features and complex UI

lapse | Gumroad

here is…

React Js photo by Caspar Camille Rubin
React Js photo by Caspar Camille Rubin
by Caspar Camille Rubin on unsplash

Hey, Thanks for being here!!

In this of blog post we will be learning the fundamentals of react JS . So let’s look into what we will be learning.

What is react JS?

React is a JavaScript library for building user interfaces. It is used to build single page applications that can talk to any backend service for a serverless architecture.

How to use react JS in real application?

React JS is easy to learn and…

Hey y’all,
Are you a designer then creating a full scaled IOS/Android app is easy in flutter. In this course you will be learning how to create a complete production ready app in flutter!

Introduction to flutter

Flutter is Google’s portable UI toolkit for building beautiful, natively-compiled applications for mobile, web, and desktop from a single codebase.

I will keep this series simple and flutter website explains much stuff so..


Flutter SDK is available for download in Mac Os, Windows and Linux.

Editor setup

Flutter can be developed using any of your favorite text editor like (Android Studio,VS code ,Visual studio ,ATOM and so…

Hey guys ,

I have been playing around with electron to make a menubar app that is used to save single line code snippets .
I wanted to ship the electron app faster and i was learning reactJS.So, i decided to use (Create React App ) CRA to build the app that runs on both browser and as an electron app this helped me to build a smooth web and native experience.
Turns out that process is hard to set up .So i decided to simplify and share the experience to help anyone to easily setup.

Initial steps

create-react-app app

After launching Snipper i spent a lot of time experimenting new frameworks and new app ideas . I have learned people using snipper really wanted something to store bash commands that can can easyly be stored and saved.

So, i started building Snip an app that helps you store and share single line snippets/commands beautifully .

let me explain how the app is divided into.

Home screen

Home Screen:

In this screen you can easily drag snippet items based on priority.

As part of the #30daystartup challenge in October 2018, I have come up with the idea to create business cards for maker community

Indie makers community is growing rapidly helping each other in different ways technically and non technically, code or no code , solo or a team . Solving problems collaborating tools and ideas , growing communities like reddit, Product Hunt , indiehackers , makers kitchen, are a great placed for makers.

Do I decided to create an identity for indie makers who bootstrap their side project to startup. It started with making 12 projects in 12 months. Now the community is growing.

Maker cards is like a digital business card for indie hackers .

Excited to this in public in #30daystartup by Ben Tossell

Two months ago I have launched my first product ever. But now I want to start from scratch as an indie hacker.

Indie Hacker (according to me) : One who create a bootstrapped products starting of as a small side project and listening closely to the early customers feedback, feature requests and improving the customer experience and the product itself .

My Motto.

To be creative is to keep creating

Why would i want to be an indie hacker?

I wanted to solve small problems people face in daily life. I feel Joy in finding people actually using stuff i create . It is just like people buying the art you created and hanging them in their living room that makes an impact to one who looks into it. I want to interact…

Hi guys, I am about too say how I think of making productive apps that are lighter and productive . For example GTD App , making a PWA task tracking app completely offline and yet productive as an android app will help you get more traction and more installs

Tools to make it possible

Advantages of PWA


In the darkness of moon,

Yet , reflecting the brightness of happiness,

She was asked what are you to them you care ?

Her reply was ambient ,

“What is life without me in my child’s life “

Achuth hadnoor

On my way to be an indie developer, creator creating a focus on better living.

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