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Time boxing is a simple yet powerful technique of time management,That helps you to have control over your time and improves your productivity.This helpful technique is for practising self explain and organising your schedule in a way that your most important task come first.

Time-boxing helps you to know how much time you can spend over a task and makes you more attentive on doing it and not over do it .

What is time boxing?

Timeboxing simply means that you open your calendar and enter a block of time that you’ll spend on a certain task in the future.

Instead of working on…

1000$ in one month on medium partner program by telling one story.

Learning is the key to reach a milestone of 1000$ by writing one article. Writing and telling a story is easy once you are in the shoe of your reader. When you fell the pain/happiness of your readers you will eventually earn rewards.

For all stories are interesting and fascinating to read and enjoy. Stories are remembered where as articles are consumed.

The value from stories > articles that provide value in words

When you start reading a story book you feel excited about the events that happen along. …

A comprehensive guide into debugging web applications inside VS Code

Debugging in VS Code for web developers.

Accountability makes you stay on top of your goals

Keeping yourself accountable make you achieve goals much easy as you will make a meaningful thing towards the goal daily

The problem

You can lose interest when you started on working a particular goal as a time pass. This is because either you get demotivated or you start feeling that there is no proper outcome of the goal. This is because either you have been exhausted on working on it continuously or You don’t share the progress with anyone


To achieve your goals faster you need to be accountable to yourself. It helps to achieve tasks that you are supposed to achieve…


You may be a graphic designer or illustrator or video editor or any other designer, but tend to fail to land a job or internship due to poor personal branding.Your brand should speak for you, it should tell a story of what type of person you are, how creative are you and how other people know about you.

Personal Branding

Marketing yourself as an individual designer by telling a story that others share. Show your creativity as a designer by telling a story to be a fellow designer through your brand.

It can be your personal identity offline like on CV, portfolio…

Web vitals has become a ket metric in SEO with more PWA’s created. Let’s see how we can automate web vitals using github actions.



Google recently announced new standards for search engine ranching and Web vitals score directly impacts user’s experience visiting your website and also influences the search engine ranking. These new standards expect you to have less performance issues in production. we will use vercel CI Deployment using Github Actions

Lighthouse and web Vitals

Google Chrome is directly shipped with lighthouse, an open-source tool used to audit your website in a controlled environment within the browser.This …

If you are a web developer and you want to build a native app that solves a daily workflow problem or if you have a web app built completely and want to give users more of your app with native capabilities . Then there is an easy way to do that with electronJs.This tutorial will help you build a web application that works as a native app.

Let’s use a basic electron starter project and then enhance it to an enterprise ready application

Initialise and an empty electron project

We will first initialise an empty electron project that will look similar to an electron first app

Native apps using react + electron webpack

If you are a web developer and built various web applications as hobby projects and real projects ? Then this article will help you go further beyond reaching online users.

In this i will help you take your web application outside web browsers like chrome and mozilla

Since chrome apps were deprecated we can use electron.

You can follow these simple steps to start a new desktop app with react and electron webpack also can be helpful to convert existing react application to desktop app

  1. electron-webpack is a great place to refer the configuration of the app. …

Time-lapse videos are important to showcase your process of designing or developing digital content !

This helps you to engage with your supporters or colleagues or clients

Say a designer recording the logo design process or a developer writing code to make digital art!!

So i created this app for fellow designers and developers who wish to post their process on social media like youtube, Facebook, twitter, instagram.. etc.

Let me know your thoughts on this and let me improve the gap that was created by large apps with more features and complex UI

lapse | Gumroad

here is…

React Js photo by Caspar Camille Rubin
React Js photo by Caspar Camille Rubin
by Caspar Camille Rubin on unsplash

Hey, Thanks for being here!!

In this of blog post we will be learning the fundamentals of react JS . So let’s look into what we will be learning.

  • What is react JS?
  • How to use react JS in real application?
  • What are the advantages of using react over other frameworks
  • Scaffolding React app with create-react-app
  • Application structure and folders
  • What can we do next?

What is react JS?

React is a JavaScript library for building user interfaces. It is used to build single page applications that can talk to any backend service for a serverless architecture.

How to use react JS in real application?

React JS is easy to learn and…

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