Making offline first progressive Web Apps aka PWA for productivity

Achuth hadnoor
1 min readJan 15, 2018

Hi guys, I am about too say how I think of making productive apps that are lighter and productive . For example GTD App , making a PWA task tracking app completely offline and yet productive as an android app will help you get more traction and more installs

Tools to make it possible

  • Vuejs-cli
  • Pouch DB
  • Work box
  • Firebase to maintain sync
  • Serviceworkers
  • Offline Google analytics
  • Push notifications

Advantages of PWA

  1. Looks like native app
  2. Responsive two fit to any screen
  3. App size below 1 mb


  1. Can’t send local notifications
  2. Offline ads are difficult
  3. Encryption required two keep data safe



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